Sunday, September 27, 2009

My! How Things Have Changed!

Then...and Now. We promise they really are our baby girls. (Even if they look like their Dads!)

This weekend I had the wonderful pleasure of taking my baby girl and driving north on 281 to Spicewood, TX. (Just on the outskirts of Marble Falls) We went to visit my very dear friend Kelley and her baby girl Addison. Kelley and I go back just a few years. Like, to the first grade! We've seen each other through girl scouts, Hutsell Elementary, Katy Junior High, Katy High School, first cars, first boyfriends, four years at Texas A&M, a (seemingly) 10ft x 10ft dorm room, a couple apartments, Aggie Football games (whoop!!!), Aggie tennis, rowdy nights, boring nights, study nights, Ring Dunk, graduation, first jobs, engagements, weddings and SO MUCH MORE!
It was such a joy to spend a low-key weekend doing what we now do best! Parenting!!! It is amazing to think that we used to sit around and wonder what in the world we were going to do that night. We don't have to ask ourselves that question anymore! Aubree and Addison are sure to plan the daily/evening agenda for us. :) This weekend was spent watching our girls and asking ourselves a new question. WHERE did they go now? We've come a long way but it is such a wonderful journey. Our girls weekend was perfect. Since we both become temporary widows around hunting season, we just might need to make this a recurring event!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Revolving Door

I've decided trying to keep a house clean with small children can be compared to being stuck in a revolving door. I can't tell you how many times Tom and I picked up this room this weekend! But the kids have fun and in the end...that's what counts. Right??

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Back in the Game

It's fall, and it's time for the beginning of YMCA SOCCER!
Last night we had our first practice. Brock was so very excited to go to soccer. He's been wanting to go for a couple weeks now and would get upset with me when I told him I couldn't take him! The kids had a great practice. I did my "soccer mom" duties and successfully signed all families up for game snacks. After practice Coach Carol handed out the new jerseys. This season we are sporting a very nice green. I had prepared Brock ahead of time that he might get a new number this season. He doesn't always deal with change nicely!! He has moved up a couple spots from his old number '9' to new lucky number '7'.
We had our first game this morning! Brock did great! This season the team is playing in the 5-6 age bracket. Brock is over a year younger than most of the other kids. While in height he doesn't appear any younger (if not older) than the other kids, you can certainly tell the difference when they play. There is a certain amount of focus, concept and determination that really grow from year to year. Brock received many compliments on his improvements over last season, but we still have a ways to go to catch up with all these older kids! He was fantastic though, and I'm SUPER proud of him!

(Love this pic...but see what I mean about focus? hehe!)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fit of a Princess

Our little princess has PERFECTED the art of throwing fits. And she's ONLY 13 months old!!!

So for all you out there who think I'm lying when I tell you what a drama queen she is, watch this.

The story begins...
We're playing by her room. Aubree gets ahold of my cell phone. She hands it to me. I take it. Then this happens.....

A Lot of Fun

We haven't really had any "big moments" in the past few weeks. We are all trying to rest up to face the next two months which seem to already be filled with non-stop traveling, to-do's, soccer and more! We have been enjoying some family time and watching the kids enjoy being kids.
Of course the camera has enjoyed the family time right along with us, so here are a few of their comical moments the past couple weeks.

Happy Faces!

Bouncer Buddies

Tent and Tunnel Time

Little Posers

Brock and Sarge hiding from the storm; Aubree practicing her Mission Impossible moves.

Bathtime Bubbles!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Through the Rear View Mirror

It's been a rough day, but even on our hardest days, God reminds us that He is here. Today I saw that reminder looking through my rear view mirror.
I was heading home this afternoon with the kids in the back seat. Those who know Brock & Aubree know that Brock isn't necessarily the affectionate big brother many thought he would be. However, Aubree thinks her big brother is THE BEST!
Aubree was pretty fussy and I thought a blanket might calm her down. The only blanket in the car happened to be Brock's Thomas the Train blanket. I asked Brock if Aubree could use his blanket. He politely said "sure". I put the blanket on Aubree and she quieted down almost immediately. I'm catching glimpses through the rear view mirrow and as her thumb goes in her mouth, she looks over at her big brother and grins. He looks at her and smiles back. They stay there, eyes locked, smiling at each other for probably a good 5 seconds. It must have been contagious because this mommy got a huge smile on her face. Thank you God for these two precious children.
I would love to have that picture, but it will have to be remembered in my ever-failing memory, and through this blog. :-) (I'll use a stock photo for the post!)