Friday, July 9, 2010

Tales of a (nearly) Two-Year Old Princess?

Well, if I didn't have a husband and son, this blog would probably be filled with amazing stories about a little princess named Aubree and her day-to-day dramatic moments! However, we'll keep the Benich Family as the blog title and just thrill you with these little antics from time to time.

I'm always talking about how high maintenance Aubree is. I also tell people all the time you have to experience Aubree. I can't explain her. They generally want to know what I mean by that. It's very hard to articulate, so how about a couple stories?

I'm on the search for a dress she can wear in her pictures this weekend. I went to two places before picking her up from school so I wouldn't put myself through the torture of shopping with a nearly 2-year old. I found a dress but they didn't have her size...but another store did. The other store was closer to the house so I went to go pick her up and then go shopping, mentally preparing myself for a challenge.
I was SHOCKED!! With her baby in one arm, and thumb in mouth, she trotted behind me all through the store, staying close, not getting into anything, and periodically saying "Aubee's dress?" It can quite possibly be described as a fun and very cute experience!! Since she was so good, I decided to roll the dice and go to another store in the same shopping mall. Another success! I picked her up at that point so we could go back to the car faster than her two little legs would get us there. As soon as we were in sight of the parking log, she started SCREAMING and KICKING her legs! She threw a holy fit. The princess LIKES TO SHOP!! Oh Daddy! You're going to be in trouble! :-)

I'm still in meetings at work when I get a phone call from the daycare around 5:30. When it starts with "don't panic", you know it's going to be good! She had fallen and hit her head. They said I might want to take a look, she could possible need a stitch as the wound appeared to be split and unsure how deep it was. After I thought about her well being, the next thought was: PICTURES!! I was imagining a huge bruise smack dab on her forehead for her 2-year, and family pictures. I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was on the back of her head, and upon inspecting the area with a flash light (it was hard to tell in the midst of her dark hair), did not appear to need any care other than some TLC from mommy and daddy. She did have a very large goose egg though! Well, you might be thinking "poor baby!". I was too. Until I read the incident report. It stated that Aubree was throwing a fit because she didn't get something she wanted, so she threw herself at the floor, hitting the cubby on the way down. Oh yes, now we're talking about our little Aubree!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Little Fishy

When Brock first began swim lessons, he refused to put his head in the water, some days refused to get IN the water, and definitely would not jump in without being held under the arms and with strict instructions that he wouldn't go under.

I'm ridiculously excited to say this summer it all sank pun intended! ;-)

He swam the length of the pool (at school...not a full size), TWICE!

Then, he jumped in and swam to the side!

I'm SO PROUD of my little Fish!!