Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Belated Thankfulness

I didn't exactly get a Thankful Thanksgiving post in this year, but I continue to realize just how incredibly blessed I am. For that, and all the good things God has provided, I'm very thankful. Here are a few that top my list at the moment.

* My Family, Of Course! There is probably at least twice a week I would like to give away my precious baby girl...but she makes me laugh, she's getting smarter every day, and she is just adorable too! Brock continues to amaze me. I'm sure lots of kids are smart...but he truly seems to blow me away sometimes. He talks more like a grown up every day. I couldn't do any of this without Tom. He couldn't be a better dad, helps with everything in the house, loves me and supports me always.

* My mom's house SOLD! This is a big step for her and one we are thankful for. It's time for new adventures!

* My job. Although VERY busy, very demanding, a bit stressful, and lots of long hours these days, it's going VERY well.

* Dial-A-Nurse! Thanksgiving morning, this wonderful woman talked me through Aubree's 103.8 degree fever, rapid breathing and congestion. Mommy got no sleep, and with the Thanksgiving day was up nearly 24 hours, but I'm thankful there are people to call to talk to at 4:00 in the morning with kindness and patience as if it were noon!

* Our new house! Ok, so we've lived here since April. But it still feels like new, and it still feels like HOME! We absolutely love it and love making new memories here! We have recently decorated for Christmas and it was quite fun finding places in the new home for all our decorations.

* My chiropractor! And I'm hoping by next Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for a new mattress!

* MY HELPER! Although a new find, I'm so thankful I found out I have the option to hire help for just $5/hour!

* A GOOD AGGIE FOOTBALL SEASON!!! It's been a LONG time coming!

I have so much to be thankful for, that I could go on a while...but if I post now, you've got a better chance of me actually posting at all. ;-) Happy Belated Thanksgiving, Everyone!

Buying Time

Today I may have had the most exciting moment EVER! I BOUGHT TIME! Seriously!! I bought an extra hour in the day!! You're not believing me, are you? But it's TRUE! For just $5, I bought an additional hour in my day. My company has this incredibly cool service called "My Helper". For $5/hour, you can have this service do just about any errand, task, research, planning, etc you might think of! I needed to get the oil changed in my car, but like most things these days, I did not have the time. I hired My Helper who arranged for the appointment, came to my desk and picked up my keys, took the car to the service station, called me on the way back, parked their filler truck in my spot (so I wouldn't lose it), returned my car to it's original location, left the receipt on the passenger seat, a "Thank You" card on the door (they were thanking ME?????), and returned my keys to me at my desk! HOLY GUACAMOLE! This service has been available for at least a year, and WHY haven't I used them yet?

With that extra hour, I'll claim I'm using it to finally update this blog again! I've missed my blog very, very much. My hopes is to update it more frequently, even if that means I won't have a picture for each post. Please bear with me. As I finish all the to-do's of the holiday season, I'm hoping I have more time to snap pictures, upload them, and tell you a little story about our lives in the meantime. :-)

I hope everyone is doing well, and I'll see if I can get another post (with pictures) in this week!