Thursday, June 23, 2011

Our Newest Addition

After Sarge made his trip to Doggie Heaven, we decided we would wait a while before getting another furry family member. Well, that lasted a whole six weeks.

Meet Rocky, our little boxer who is going to get very, very big!

Rocky's Statistics:

Born on 3/31/11 and the largest of his litter.
Temporarily in the lightweight category weighing in at 14.2 pounds @ 10 weeks
Almost naturally responds to the command "Sit".
Has a fond love of toes and anything else he can sink his puppy teeth into.
Enjoys comfy places to sleep.
Thinks his name is "No".

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Glass Balls

Oh where, oh where, has my blogging time gone? Oh where, oh where could it be?

I don't even remember if I've written this in past blogs or not, but in April I took a management position at work. To say it was a totally new experience is an understatement. I'm getting along, and know it's getting easier with time, but the learning curve is slow...and there is so much more to go.

I'm trying my best to juggle being Lori the mom, Lori the wife, Lori the daughter/sister, Lori the friend, Lori the manager and Lori herself. That is an effort that will never end, and most likely I will never feel truly successful at any of them. In the midst of that juggling act, several
other balls have dropped. Something I learned along the way is that you have to know which balls in life are made of glass, and which balls are made of rubber. You don't want to drop the glass balls because they may not ever be repaired. But the rubber balls can bounce on their own for a while until you have the time to pick it back up. My family is definitely made of glass. Unfortunately, my love of photography and blogging is a ball made of rubber. Therefore, many weeks go by without an update. I would love to have the time to sit down and blog a couple times a week, but in 20 years when my kids are gone, there should be plenty of time to blog about my empty nest. I may not remember all the details of these days (since they won't be preserved on the world wide web!) but I will know that I was there for my family as much as possible.
So, to any followers I may have (bless you if you are still checking in!)...I promise
to continue to keep up the posts as much as possible. In the meantime, go take care of your glass balls too and get off the computer. ;-)

And because I still love's the sweet picture of the week!!!