Thursday, April 26, 2012

Deep breath!

It's Thursday, and the week has been what I describe as my new "typical" work week. I'm already past 40 hours, I'm exhausted, a little beat up, a lot behind, semi-stressed and overly brain dead.
I left work with approximately 150 emails unread in my inbox so I reach for my blackberry in hopes to read, respond and delete as many as possible within the 45-minute block for dance class. I get through about four and then the red battery indicator says it has had enough and dies.

So I sit in the lobby of the dance studio and close my eyes and take a deep breath! I realize that for just a few minutes, I am not mommy. I am not the boss woman. I am just one woman, a tired woman, taking a deep breath and getting ready to tackle the world again.

Little did I know when I started this post (on the mobile app!!) that at the end of those 45 minutes, the parents would get to go watch/video their tap dance. And as much as I enjoyed my moment of silence, Aubree's wiggle tap dance reminded me how much I enjoy being mommy....

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Best Year of my Life...

Little did I know that as I embarked upon my 33rd birthday, I was about to enter into the BEST year of my life!  Now, you're probably thinking, "she's only been 33 for five days, how does she know it will be the best year of her life?"  Well, it's on the internet!  It has to be true, right??
Here's the proof.

Obviously there are 360 more days to go and the reality is that there is nothing that will promise me this will be the best year of my life.  But what I can do is make a few promises to myself.  Promises to smile more. Worry less.  Laugh more.  Accept criticism and failure.  Appreciate.  Listen.  Don't hate.  Embrace change.  Take chances.  Be thankful.  Cherish friendships.  And Love deeply ---

That, just might be the secret to the best year of my life, and quite possibly a recipe I can reuse again and again and again.

Friday, April 20, 2012

10-word Challenge

I've contemplated giving up the blog.  I mean seriously, it's been EIGHT MONTHS since I last updated it??  But I can't.  I love going back and re-reading old posts now.  I can't imagine how much I'll love reading them in another 30 years.  I'm a wordy person and I could probably recap the last 8 months by writing a novel.  However, I've been through several challenges lately so let's make up a new one...recap each month in less than 10 words each!  (Crap...this could be hard...)
August 2011 - Princess Baby turned three! Brock started first grade! Mom Married!  (phew!  10 words)

September 2011 - Aubree started DANCE CLASS!!

October 2011 -   Bachelorette Party; Las Vegas; First Louis Vuitton purchase!

November 2011 - My Bestie got MARRIED!

 December 2011 - We boycotted traveling for Christmas (gasp!!!) - Christmas @ home!!!

January 2012 - NYE Party; Superhero Room Makeover; Hard work month

February 2012 - Brock turns Seven; Started new diet (currently down 27 lbs!!!)

(diet progress:  February picture and April picture!!)

March 2012 - Booked Ireland Vacation!  Started playing tennis again.  College Station. 

And that brings us to APRIL!  And maybe, just MAYBE, I will post again before 2013!  ;-)