Sunday, April 10, 2011

Aubree's World

I've been so bad lately about updating the blog. But I had a few thoughts this morning that I thought were mildly entertaining, so why not share? ;-)

It is no less than a few times per day when Aubree will do something (good, bad, indifferent) and Tom & I look at each other, our eyes meet, and we just give this exasperated little laugh because there's not any words that can truly describe her.

I imagine when Aubree opens her eyes for the day, she sees the whole world in a pink hue, with sparkles on everything, rainbows and butterflies in they sky, and everything in her line of sight (no doubt) belongs to her and her kingdom. Her royal path must have lots of hills and curves, because she almost never walks, but rather hops and prances to her own beat. While the princess is not lacking for anything, we frequently do the unspeakable, and discipline her. She may be princess, but that only makes mommy the Queen! ;-)

--For those of you who know our dear Aubree, I imagine you would agree to the statement above, and even add a few more descriptors! We love her dearly. She leaves no room for a shred of boredom in our lives, and does an exceptional job making sure her big brother ALWAYS knows she's around.

I love you Aubree! One day, when you dig back in this blog and read all mommy's thoughts and memories of your childhood, I hope you smile a little, are intrigued to think of what your own daughter will be like someday, and realize when you thought mom & dad were being cruel, we were doing our best to make you the best person you can be. Oh, and the wake-up calls we're planning on giving you at 5am on Saturdays when you're 16...those are just payback!