Sunday, September 19, 2010

Busy and Blessed

I'm not sure if we'll ever feel rested again. Or at least for the next 15 years, perhaps? Life has been non-stop. I can't figure out how we stay so busy, but we do. This weekend was especially rough. I'm utterly exhausted but feel so blessed. Though the weekend was absolutely crazy, it was filled with so many precious moments and priceless people.

First T-ball practice. Aubree kept herself occupied with gatorade.

Date night at Dave & Busters! We had all the fun, and then used the tickets to get the kids prizes.
Met up with two of the cutest pirates ever!

And even found some buried treasure in the sand!

Wrestled a crocodile and used him to float around the lagoon.

Tested the waters...literally. Confirmed the fact Aubree has NO FEAR.

(and mommy learned to always bring a swimsuit when Aubree is near water!)

First t-ball game!

Sporting his Yankees uniform.Benich, ready and waiting.

Second t-ball game, but first game IN THE RAIN! (And Brock was first to score!)

My little #16!

And not pictured, but equally as fun and enjoyable...Ladies Pokeno night, my baby sister hanging out and accompanying us to church, and a trip to Marble Falls with Aubree to see my wonderful friend Kelley and her new baby girl Braelyn (Aubree & Addison had fun playing together too).
Like I said....BUSY WEEKEND!!! But I'm blessed! And now I'm off to bed.