Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Noisy Cabinets

Here they are...nice, normal looking cabinets in the kitchen.
I started to get a little worried when I noticed the cabinets seemed to be growing a FOOT.

Then, not a minute later, they developed HANDS! (and perhaps the forming of eyes?)

I backed off a bit and was startled to now see...yes, EYES!
Before I could make it to the home warranty number, a BOY popped out!

I quickly closed the door and all of a sudden...A GIRL!
Wait a minute, the boy changed to a girl?

Before I lost all composure, Brock quickly explained it was

PHEW! Thank goodness! I can't tell you how happy I was to know the noisy cabinets were now under control.
Now...what to do with the noisy blanket?

By the way...I have unpacked our entire kitchen and have about 3 cabinets left completely empty. Have I mentioned I LOVE our new house? (I apologize for those of you currently rolling your eyes!)

Monday, May 3, 2010

My Favorite Things

I'm going to need all you "Sound of Music" fans to use your imagination and sing with me on this one. Everyone else...you can chalk this up to me being a bit loony! ;-)

I've made a little list so far of My Favorite Things in our new house! The list is actually a bit longer, but these are the ones that rhyme. ;-)

Are you ready? Start singing!

Deer in the backyard

High counters in kitchen,
Garage door with windows,
Our own re-cycle bin.

More room than I ever thought I would see...
(though messy at the time of this post...you see our Living Room, Media Room & Game Room)

these are a few of my favorite things!

A shorter commute time
And soft fluffy carpet
2 large bay windows
And a filtered faucet

Watch the kids play from our shaded wood swing...these are a few of my favorite things!

When the dog barks,

When the kids scream,
When traffic's really bad,
I simply remember my favorite things...
and then I don't feel....sooo sad!

(Ok, obviously my real favorite things are a little more substantial like my family, my faith, etc. But these definitely top my list of house favorites! Hope you enjoyed!)