Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tu-Tu Cute at age Two!

As I've said before...

She can be TOO much,

and quite often a TOOT,

but our little ballerina

is TU-TU cute!

Being August in South Texas, our ballerina party was Hot, Hot, Hot! So our birthday girl sported a tutu swimsuit for the festivities.
She had lots of fun and we were so happy to share her big day with our friends and family!
Kids, both big and small had a blast on the inflatable water slide we were lucky to borrow from our friends.

There was lots of splishing and splashing,

There was lots of getting Daddy!

Our birthday girl would strike a pose,
And give Daddy kisses on the nose.
The pinata took longer to make, than to break
And what is a party without some CUPCAKES?
Aubree's cupcake wore a tutu
And the rice krispie wands were fun to chew.
Lots of presents and lots of pink,
Made this very special birthday complete!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Brock goes to Kindergarten!

Well, I didn't intend on taking a summer vacation, but apparently I did...from blogging! I'm trying to get back. I love the blogs and the memories I can read later. We have lots to catch you up on, but the BIG NEWS for the day is Brock completed his first day of KINDERGARTEN!!

Brock doesn't necessarily handle change well, so I worried a little how he would transition from daycare to Kindergarten. I think the one who doesn't handle the change is actually ME. He did great. Last Thursday we went to meet his teacher. She's a quite adorable thing. Definitely fits my sterotype of a Kindergarten teacher. (All in a good way!) I was also quite pleased to know she won the ExCEL award last year. (Video) (Article) That's VERY COOL!

I began fighting the tears Thursday. Meet the teacher night was not so bad, but when we had to write Love Notes to our kids from Mommy & Daddy, the tears started welping up in my eyes! I made it through and then had to face today. The first day I send my first born off to Kindergarten! I don't quite understand why it was so hard. I've been taking Brock to "school" since he was 8-weeks old. It's not like we've been together day in and day out. However, since he will be going to school in Tom's district, it's actually quite a ways away from my office. I think that is part of the anxiety. I feel like I'm lightyears away! Today was probably the exception, but we left the house at 6:35. Got to Arlon Seay Elementary around 7. Left Brock at 7:20. I then headed towards work with Aubree. (Daycare is right across the street from my office.) I arrived at daycare at 9:05!!!! The first day of school traffic, plus I finding out there was a pretty bad accident I never saw, ended up in quite a long trip! I left work at 2 in order to pick up Aubree, then head back out to get Brock. Without traffic (and the quick stop at daycare), it's about an hour from my office.

Brock was all smiles when I picked him up. He had a great day! I had to pry a lot of information out of him; he wasn't that concerned over the milestone he had accomplished. I, on the other hand, am SO PROUD of my big kindergartener, but SO SAD that the time flies so fast. I truly can't believe it.