Sunday, August 7, 2011

Little Moments

As another crazy week is quickly approaching, I want to thank my little Aubree for an oh-so subtle reminder. I'm constantly juggling life, and sometimes I don't feel all that successful at anything because I'm trying too hard at so many things. But as I'm sitting by her sleepy little self in the dark, I finally hear that "sound": the irregular pattern of her sucking her thumb that tells me she is finally asleep. And I realize I knew, because it's the little things that make the Mom in me, a good Mom. :-) I also realize it's these little moments that will pass too quickly. In five days she'll turn 3. It won't be long and she'll outgrow that "sound" as fast as she outgrew all the size 3 & 4's in her closet!
I don't want to forget these seemingly insignificant little moments, and I hope I can take more opportunities to post them since I can't rely on my brain for anything these days!!

(Yes, as you may have guessed...I used a past picture. Since she doesn't really suck her thumb anymore unless she's going to sleep, I don't have too many to choose from.)

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