Friday, April 20, 2012

10-word Challenge

I've contemplated giving up the blog.  I mean seriously, it's been EIGHT MONTHS since I last updated it??  But I can't.  I love going back and re-reading old posts now.  I can't imagine how much I'll love reading them in another 30 years.  I'm a wordy person and I could probably recap the last 8 months by writing a novel.  However, I've been through several challenges lately so let's make up a new one...recap each month in less than 10 words each!  (Crap...this could be hard...)
August 2011 - Princess Baby turned three! Brock started first grade! Mom Married!  (phew!  10 words)

September 2011 - Aubree started DANCE CLASS!!

October 2011 -   Bachelorette Party; Las Vegas; First Louis Vuitton purchase!

November 2011 - My Bestie got MARRIED!

 December 2011 - We boycotted traveling for Christmas (gasp!!!) - Christmas @ home!!!

January 2012 - NYE Party; Superhero Room Makeover; Hard work month

February 2012 - Brock turns Seven; Started new diet (currently down 27 lbs!!!)

(diet progress:  February picture and April picture!!)

March 2012 - Booked Ireland Vacation!  Started playing tennis again.  College Station. 

And that brings us to APRIL!  And maybe, just MAYBE, I will post again before 2013!  ;-)

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