Thursday, April 26, 2012

Deep breath!

It's Thursday, and the week has been what I describe as my new "typical" work week. I'm already past 40 hours, I'm exhausted, a little beat up, a lot behind, semi-stressed and overly brain dead.
I left work with approximately 150 emails unread in my inbox so I reach for my blackberry in hopes to read, respond and delete as many as possible within the 45-minute block for dance class. I get through about four and then the red battery indicator says it has had enough and dies.

So I sit in the lobby of the dance studio and close my eyes and take a deep breath! I realize that for just a few minutes, I am not mommy. I am not the boss woman. I am just one woman, a tired woman, taking a deep breath and getting ready to tackle the world again.

Little did I know when I started this post (on the mobile app!!) that at the end of those 45 minutes, the parents would get to go watch/video their tap dance. And as much as I enjoyed my moment of silence, Aubree's wiggle tap dance reminded me how much I enjoy being mommy....

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